Use Communication Technology to Create the Next Level of Customer Experience

February 22, 2017

Your brand awareness is strong, your products are innovative, and your sales team is persuasive. Business is booming—until something goes wrong and your loyal customers need support. Is your customer service where it needs to be?

Here’s 3 ways to reach the next level:

1. Use what you sell.

If your customer service doesn’t deliver at the same level your customers expect from your products, you’re fighting a losing a battle. When customers call for support they expect that the person they’re talking with also uses that same product. When they start to explain their problem and the rep says, “Hang on while I look that up,” an already frustrated customer will quickly catch on that the rep is not as familiar with the product as he or she should be. Maybe they’re already thinking about finding an alternative.

Make sure your reps have extreme familiarity with your products and services if they’re not already using them so they can speak to the quirks and intricacies with expertise.

 2. Consider channel preference.

Today more than ever, customers want and expect to communicate in the manner they choose, based on personal preference, where they are and what they are doing. Consider a integrated communications platform that lets customers get the same level of support whether they choose a social media platform, traditional phone call, chat, video call, or email. Customers of more traditional products might prefer phone calls while millennials almost certainly prefer in-app messaging or Twitter conversations.

Take it to the next level? Augment existing customer support vehicles like phone and email with more advanced services like screen sharing, business texting, and online document delivery. Consider an integrated communications platform like UCaaS (unified communications as a service), which combines multiple cloud communications capabilities into a single vendor-managed service.

 3. Have emergency plans in place.  

Even the most reliable products or solutions occasionally have problems. If a big problem happens that’s beyond the typical customer complaint, a response plan with clear communication guidelines and processes can improve your response time to your customers, allow your team to present a consistent message, and assure customers you’re aware and working on the issue right away (before you begin trending on Twitter.) .What customers dislike most is not knowing what’s happening and when the their problem will be fixed. Plan ahead by establishing clear communication guidelines and options to reach customers in a variety of ways, including social media, email, and text messaging.

Ultimately, flexibility is everything when it comes to customer service. Having options and a clear communications strategy will ensure your company delivers the right service mix based on customer preferences. With tools like UCaaS, delivering exceptional experiences becomes much more attainable.

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